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Brawlhalla Codes 2020

In Brawlhalla Codes 2020, there are many characters to choose from. You have wolves, elves, emo, destiny characters, and even Lehman. For players joining for the first time, this makes things quite difficult. In fact, even if you play for a while, it’s difficult to know which characters are great and which ones might make you back down. This is why you need a list of Brawhalla layers for consultation, so you can see if it is worth changing the main structure.

Brawlhalla layer list

This is the list of Brawlhalla legend layers list. There is no real definite layer list, it just has changed a lot. This is because patches, reactionary selection rights, and even the ebb and flow of how a certain player might behave in a given day can have a big impact on things. However, this is a list of Brawlhalla ratings based on the most recent win rate of each character.


These roles are the best. If you decide to spend your time on learning them, you will definitely find many ways to succeed. Don’t be too surprised when everyone else is playing these games, they are top players after all.


  • Ulgrim
  • Tros
  • Orion



Very good grade

These roles are very close to the top roles, but statistics do not support it at all. That being said, if you are already very satisfied with one of them, it is worth sticking to. After all, unlike real life, familiarity breeds success, so it’s best to use what you know in this section.

  • Sir Roland
  • Nash
  • Lord Flax
  • Brin

Good layer

These Brawlhalla legends may still be worth sticking to. This stage of the Brawlhalla layer list is a bit strange. These characters are still good, but the winning percentage does not match those higher in the list. This means that although a comprehensive understanding of the role can solve the problem, if you are looking for a new flagship element, then it is best not to raise your eyes.

  1. Queen Nye
  2. Zaril
  3. sentinel
  4. Thor
  5. Cole
  6. Jindan
  7. Wu Shang
  8. Ragnier

Middle level

These are the characters most likely to move in the other direction. Although each option is a good choice, it is difficult to prove that they are more reasonable than any other option on the list. If you like the aesthetics or feel of any of them, make sure to stick to them. If you want those extra small edges, don’t choose them.

  • Diana
  • Baraza
  • ember
  • Sidra
  • aya house
  • Lehman
  • Xull
  • Aida
  • Cassidy
  • thatch
  • Artemis
  • value
  • cross
  • Fait fact
  • Petra
  • Caspian

Pick up weapons/gadgets

Some people may be confused by the title, because we all know how to pick weapons/accessories in the game, even beginners can do it. I do understand, because the dropped weapons/gadgets have provided you with instructions on how to pick them up, namely the L.Attack button, but did you know that you can use the “throw” button to pick up weapons/gadgets? Now, I suggest you use the “Throw” button instead of the L.Attack button, that’s why.

Our enemies can obtain weapons or punish you (if they already have weapons).

In some cases, when you and your enemy are close to the dropped weapon and you press the L.Attack button many times, you will issue a light attack instead of the weapon. Since your light attack may hit the enemy, then you can take up your weapon, it’s a good thing to work as planned, but since most enemies are moving and may avoid the light attack you throw, it’s for you Brings opportunity

This doesn’t seem so important, but it just lets you know that when you use the “Throw” button to select a weapon, you can avoid unnecessary random hit errors because it doesn’t cause any action (because most attacks should be Punishment), and there are some advantages to using throw buttons.

Throwing weapons/gadgets

As a game mechanism, throwing weapons can be used in a variety of ways, such as combos, interruptions, border defense or just causing some damage. But here, you need to know some information: sprinting and throwing will increase the speed of throwing weapons/accessories, and even cause more damage! ! ! (Except for damage caused by bombs and mines). You can try this way in practice mode, that is, the damage caused by sprinting and throwing is almost the same as the damage caused by a charge of about 1-2 seconds.

drop rapidly

Here you must also understand other important things in the game: When in the air, press and hold the down button to control the speed of falling from above. There are some benefits to using this technique, for example, you may become unpredictable due to an enemy’s attack, you can stand firm, or you can punish the enemy if they are close.

How to survive longer/extend inventory

Many people want to know “Why didn’t he/she die?” Even if you knock them when they turn red, this is a secret. If you start to be tapped, I suggest that you keep pressing the button while tapping, so that you can return to the normal state faster (you can perform any operation like recovery/bounce) But be careful, when you continue to press the down button and start falling quickly, if you hit the top of the map, it will still work, but be careful when you drag to the bottom of the map, but remember that this trick may only Suitable for larger maps or hit by less force.

In addition, if you are far away from the stage without consuming jump/recovery power, then some small things may help you reach the stage easily, and the jump/recovery attack will bring you some actions, such as Rocket Lance/Cannon’s Side Air (please note that not all weapons have this ability), or you can just use Rick Kick *cough*, I mean Down Air without weapons, but can be used to touch walls or for the enemy The border troops save some jumps.

How to play Ada

To be honest, Ada is an S grade, and her weapons and signals are very good. She is a good choice for the lower level, but also good at the advanced level. I mean I don’t want to fight with any Ada, so please think twice so as not to disturb her. The price of Ada is 3,900 gold, which is very cheap.

Store description: A corrupt future shadow company trained Ada to be the worst thing for them. (If you ask me, that’s a badass).

statistical data

I guess Ada’s data is pretty good

she has:

  • Strength-6
  • Agility-7
  • Defense-3
  • Speed-6

I recommend that you adopt a defensive stance because you never want 3 defenses, or if you are really crazy, you need 7 strength and 2 defenses, and are supported by Xull (I can’t play this game).


One of her weapons is a spear, which is a fairly long-range weapon that has attacks such as jabs, hits, or spins. The only reason I have not quit Brawlhalla is the spear.

Let’s look at the signal:

Side signal: Use a spear to cut diagonally quickly and forcefully. This is a very fast option.
Down sig: Honestly, I don’t even know, she just jumped with a spear. This is my signal, many active frames.
Neutral signal: This signal is annoying. This is a two-part signal. Ada jumps into the air. If she catches the enemy with a spear, she will shoot the opponent into F**KING HELL.


Ada’s shock wave is the dream of AIDS and spammers.

I go directly to sign:

Side signal: Ada shoots green objects for a long time. It has a lot of active frameworks and a lot of ko potential (I hate lmao).
Down sig: Ada shoots a green ball, walks back, and shoots another green thing to trick the novice lmao 10/10 will turn green again.
Neutral signal: Ada jumps down and shoots a green object downward. It is perfect for people who are trying to get back to the stage, not the greatness on stage.

True combination

Minor>Jump>Nair (all dmg can be used)
Slight>weak (working to orange)
Minor> damage (preferably used as a kill option)


Dair Dlight (working to orange) 1 Dodge frame.
Dyer Sear (increased kill rate).
Slight jump Nair jump Sair (effective for all damage).
Nlight CD is slightly Nair (low damage).
Nlight CD Dlight Nair / Sair (if you want them to jump after Nlight).
Nair recovered slightly.

Basic Dodge reading

Minor Nair reading GC exception (catch and dodge upwards).
Minor Nair reading GC Minor Nair (dodge downward reading).
Slight Nair GP (capture almost all dodge + dodge) (available up to 70 dmg).
Minor Nair READ recovery/jump Sair (capture jump and dodge rise).
Slight Nair GC (Nsig or any other signal that captures spot avoidance).

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