Facebook Credits Generator 2014 Hack & Cheats Facebook

Facebook Credits Generator

Facebook Credits Generator

Facebook Credits is the money used to purchase virtual things on Facebook for Games, Apps and actually publicizing. There are a few approaches to buy facebook credits, by method for charge card, paypal, portable, and in put away Facebook Credit card. You can likewise purchase credits straightforwardly from the Games Dashboard. Tragically, not everybody have Visas, paypal or access to store card credits to buy Facebook credits and a ton don’t have enough cash to purchase Facebook Credits codes. The GOOD NEWS is, We have effectively created an answer. We’ve at last broken the calculation. We’ve possessed the capacity to code a 100% working Facebook Credits Generator to create legitimate and genuine Facebook Credits codes at a 100% achievement rate. Produce codes of boundless $100 worth of Facebook Credits. $1.00 is worth 1 Facebook Credit. You can likewise finance other individuals’ facebook account with our system.

Facebook Credits Generator FEATURES:

ic-ticUnlimited Facebook Credits
ic-tic Anti-Ban Protection
ic-tic Free Unlimited Facebook Credits For Life
ic-tic Automatic check for new updates

Facebook Credits Generator SCREENSHOT:

Facebook Credits Generator SCREENSHOT

Facebook Credits Generator IMAGE PROOF:


After get some facebook credits, I buy some stuffs on facebook game:

Facebook Credits Generator

Facebook Credits Generator

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Facebook Credits Generator Download

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  1. Paige M. Robinson

    thank you so much for this working Facebook Credits Generator I added myself 1000 credits lol and it works im so happy 😀

  2. Theresa S. Sebastian

    Thank you very much its working perfect for me!! I add myself 9000 credits and I got them all and it didnt even disconnect me from facebook ! Man you are GOD!!!!


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