How to Be Pro in Gunz

Have you ever wanted to be like one of them players who can quickly dodge you and kill you? Well you’ve come to the right place.

1. Learn times to spray and not Spraying shouldn’t be used all the time in matches. Recoil gets high, bullets are wasted, and more penalties to your accuracy is done. The time to spray is when you’re ambushed by K-stylers, or people who are hot on your tail. It’s a resort to save your life. Sometimes, it might rack up a few kills for you, and remember this.. who can dodge a WALL OF LEAD COMING RIGHT TOWARD THEM!? If you waste precious Ammo, you’re gonna regret it. A better alt. to spraying is Bursting, It’s firing your guns for a few seconds and stopping, it lowers accuracy penalties.

2. Don’t give up. K-Styling is extremely hard to learn, and can take many weeks, maybe months to learn. You can always try D-Style, which is “Dagger Style”. Dagger Style is a useful method for getting around, but it can be easier, since less timing involved with it. The reason why most users don’t use it because It’s all Flanking and Harassing.

3. Play on private servers. Private servers give you access to premium items, such as head gear, body gear etc. K-Styling on Private servers isn’t as frustrating, because you have access to different maps, and you also believe it or not, level up faster due to increased exp rates. Although you may want to reconsider, as private servers are not officially licensed by MAIET and therefore are illegal, and chances are you can be downloading a virus. Remember, private servers are made by average Joe’s like you and me! and one more thing… Since Private servers can be edited, It will be more prone to hackers, It’s not a good place to learn at if you new also. Most of them are more aimed at K-stylers more than D-stylers, and most of them will be biased like hell based on that, on top of that.. Game Mechanics can be messed up, i.e Your Butterfly might be faster on the Private server, yet in the real GunZ your Butterfly might be not as fast.

4. Learn from the pros Learning strategies is crucial , you can look for demos on the gunz website . And you can also watch commented Clan Wars on youtube.

5. Never install hacking programs. It makes a rather large learning curve, It’s unethical, and chances are high the hack will get patched, so therefore you’ll have to keep on looking for a hack, hacks enclosed in .exes and .rar + .zip files are often Keyloggers, You expose yourself to being hacked, and a whole bunch of trouble. Seeing the dismay of users on the game itself might be fun, and believe us, It’ll bite you back.

6. Practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. K-Styling/D-styling cannot be learned in one day. Start watching tutorials on YouTube, or search up things on Google about K-Styling and D-styling. You will be more likely to get a lot of information from there than trying to find out for yourself.

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