6 Reasons Why You Should Kick Your Diet to the Curb and Eat Ice Cream

While your healthy eating habits are commendable, sometimes a snack consisting of carrots and celery just doesn’t cut it. Let go of any guilt—it’s time to indulge. Here are five reasons why you should be picking up that ice cream spoon right now.
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How to Be Pro in Gunz

Have you ever wanted to be like one of them players who can quickly dodge you and kill you? Well you’ve come to the right place.
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How to Put Strings on a Violin

Learning to change your own violin strings will save you from making expensive trips to the shop, letting you keep playing and practicing. It’s a good way to get more familiar with the action of your instrument as well, learning to see how it responds and settles in to a fresh set of strings. You can change strings, completely re-string your violin, and select the appropriate strings for the job. See Step 1 to learn to get a new set on your instrument. Read More

How to Write Dubstep Music

Dubstep sounds like it was made in other galaxies by robots all gacked out on energy drinks. In a good way. But seriously, where does it come from? How can we regular humans make this stuff? By learning about the gear, the software, and the structure of dubstep songs, you can get started making your own and drop the sickest heaviest bass wobbles this side of the Milky Way.
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