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There are three different ways of transmission of Rise Of Kingdoms Modded Apk. If you want to know how to teleport in the game, then this guide is beneficial and useful for beginners. The purpose of this guide is to explain each transfer item and how to use them in the best way.

How to teleport in the rise of the kingdom

To start using teleported items in Rise of the Kingdom, you need to understand three types of teleportation:

  • Random delivery
  • Territorial transfer
  • Target delivery

Let’s learn more about how to use these teleports in Rise of the Kingdom.

Random delivery

Random teleports are usually obtained during missions and rewards. These random teleports will randomly distort your city anywhere in the kingdom. The only use for random teleport is if you need to escape or start in a safer place.



Territorial transfer

Territory teleportation is mainly used to tilt your city towards the alliance. This must be done in your alliance territory.​​​ This means that you need to live within or within the boundaries of the alliance. In addition, you can use this teleportation item to bypass all areas, which makes it one of the best and most powerful teleportation items for beginners.

Target delivery

Target transfer works differently from zone transfer. Although it has the same function as controlling where you can send cities. You can locate the location you want to send to. Although, you cannot teleport within the territory of the neutral/enemy alliance at all. Unless your alliance controls the pass, you cannot bypass the area. This teleportation item is great when you play as a British player and want to make a city bomb attack on your opponent.

How to send

To relocate the city, you can use target teleportation or regional teleportation to complete. This will pull up a panel, asking you to place the location you want to send to. Once you are satisfied with the projection position and meet the transfer requirements, click the transfer button to bend there.

11 civilizations, 34 heroes, real war

From the obscure depth to the peak of the legend, you will become the author of your civilization history. Will you launch an epic war and conquer the entire world? Or become a virtuous leader known for your wisdom? Will you set out as a pioneer to explore the unknown world? Or someone dedicated to helping yourself?

Real-time battle

The battle is not pre-calculated, but takes place in real time on the map. Anyone can join or leave the battle at any time, realizing a real RTS game. Seeing an ally happened to be attacked in your backyard? Send troops to help your friends, or launch a raid on the city where the attacker is located.

Seamless world map

All actions in the game are carried out on a huge map where players and NPC characters live. There is no isolated base or separate battle scene. Never seen in the mobile “unlimited zoom” function, it allows you to freely switch between the world view and various cities or barbarians outposts. Map functions include natural obstacles, such as rivers and mountains, and strategic passages that must be acquired to enter adjacent areas.

Eleven unique civilizations

Choose one of 11 historical civilizations (and more!) and take your civilization from a lonely clan into a powerful big country. Each civilization has its own buildings, unique units and special advantages.

Exploration and investigation

The world where the kingdom rises is covered by dense fog. Send out scouts to explore this mysterious land and discover hidden treasures in it. Investigate lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves and tribal villages, gather intelligence about the enemy, and prepare for the ultimate conflict!

Unrestricted force movement

New orders can be released to troops at any time, providing unlimited strategic possibilities. Launch the dummy in the enemy’s city, then go back and join your ally to obtain a pass. Send troops to collect wood from the nearby forest and ask them to pick up some barbaric clans along the way. It is also possible to distribute power among multiple commanders so that you can perform multiple actions at the same time.

Alliance system

Complete alliance features allow players to help each other: alliance chat with built-in translation, officer roles, map indicators to coordinate strategies, and more! The alliance can expand its territory to obtain resources, seize Yamaguchi and barbarian outposts to strengthen their positions, and work together to achieve collective achievements.

Conquer the kingdom

Fight side by side with your alliance to control this huge kingdom. Clash with other players and use superior strategies to win in the MMO strategy battle royale. Ascend to the highest peak, you and your civilization will be written down in the history of your kingdom!

Role-playing commander

From Julius Caesar and grandson (Sun Tzu) to Joan of Arc (Joan of Arc) and Kusunoki Masashige, dozens of historical figures will become your trusted commanders. Upgrade your commander by defeating the barbarians and let them participate in battle, then use the RPG-style talent tree and skill system to upgrade their abilities.

Who is the best commander in the rise of the kingdom? Because there are many factors at work, it is not easy to answer this question, but the current commander-in-chief in “Rise of the Kingdom” is Attila.

However, this is not the end of the article “The Best Commander of the Rise of the Kingdom”, because many Attila are not available. For others, they may not be interested in cavalry or defeating other cities. . Because this is where Attilas’s advantage lies, he is currently OP’s opponent when dealing with Takeda teammates-in fact, he is OP, and many people complain that he needs to be quickly developed by Lilith, or at least to provide players with opportunities Defeated commander.

If you can’t get Attila, and you want to develop a powerful cavalry commander, then look at Minamoto (if you have paid to play games) or Cao Cao (if you have time to play games). Minamoto is undoubtedly the best of the two, but you have to pay a price to unlock and develop him. And Cao Cao’s head is easy to get, and it is possible to play the status of a player for free, and finally make him reach a professional level.

I like infantry commanders better, I like them more overall, they are tough on the battlefield and they fought well in the group. My choice for the best infantry commander overall is Richard. He has participated in the game from the beginning, but the powerful Richard is incredible on the battlefield. Personally, I combined him with professional Alex as a middle school, and they performed well.

When it comes to archers, I think the best is still Yi, if you can’t find him, then Edward or Ramses will follow. In my opinion, Yi Jianlian has the best AOE effect among all archers, which is why he is my first choice.

Best Field Support Commander

In large-scale field battles, the best support commander will provide incredible power for your own commander and allied forces. Three outstanding commanders are Æthelflæd, Joan of Arc, and grandson. The best is Æthelflæd, which can be obtained through purchases during the Expeditionary Campaign. If you can’t find her, then I might go to Joan, because she is also good at collecting resources.

Best Babian Combat Commander

Lohar and Boudica are excellent epic commanders and must assist the barbarians in battle. If you want to use up many operational points quickly, you will eventually need more peacekeeping force commanders, these two are very suitable. Both are easy to obtain and maximize

It’s the governor! I hope you find the guide on how to teleport in Rise of the Kingdom helpful to you. Make sure to use each teleported item correctly to maximize the game advantage of Kingdom Rise. If you have any questions about sending items, please feel free to comment in the comments section below.

Finally, if you want to get a smooth and best gaming experience. I suggest you play “Rise of the Kingdom” on PC. It is faster and smoother, giving you greater flexibility to play your favorite games. You can also read the main reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of the Kingdom on PC.

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